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Fly fishing in Northern Spain is fantastic: amazing alpine landscapes, cristal clear waters, wild zebra trout, 100% dry fly. Welcome to Ernest Hemingway’s favourite European fishing destination!

We are a local company, we have the most knowledgeable team you can find, experts on these rivers where we have grown up since our childhood.

We have all the experience needed to make a great fishing trip, you will discover the real north of Spain with us.

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Fishing tour in the best rivers in northern Spain. Try to get a Zebra trout in pristine rivers. 100% dry fly!

Ernest Hemingway and fly fishing in the Pyrenees. Enjoy the landscapes, mountain streams and fishing that fascinated Nobel Prize winner.

Helifishing in Aragon and Catalonia. Enjoy exclusive places, fishing where others can not fish. Adventure and places full of great beauty.

Discover Spain: fishing, gastronomy, culture, wines… We make personalised travel itineraries to enjoy unique experiences.

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Amazing Trip!
I just got back from a long weekend fishing trip (mid November) and could not be happier with how things turned out. Myself and my father were guided by Adrian, he was an extremely knowledgeable and helpful guide. From dawn to dusk he consistently put us on fish. Adrian listened to what we wanted to get out of the trip and did everything he could to make that a reality. I landed the two biggest brown trout of my life on this trip and had shots at some even bigger fish. Seeing the 30+ inch trout in this river alone made the trip worth it for me.
Sam M.
Fly fishing at its finest…
Fly fishing at its finest...
The two days Jim and I spent with Ricardo, co-owner of Pyrenees Fly Fishing, were two of my most memorable with a fly rod in my 71 year old hands. Ricardo, is a former competition fisherman and fluent English speaker. He knows the waters he guides with the intimacy only experience affords. Each day we were on three different waterways. One canyon we fished, we fished at noon to insure the sun was overhead to ignite the local flies so ours would be suitable fare. Everywhere we fished the beauty of mountains and rivers could have been National Geographic covers.
Robin Fate
St. Paul, MN
Pyrenees Fishing
Pyrenees Fishing
Thank you Ricardo for a great 3 days. Lost count at 30 plus beautiful pyrennees"zebra" trout and finished of with a trophy trout that put up a great fight!!! Accomodation was first class as was the food, even the riverside pack lunch was gourmet level. Definitely will be back.
John Summerfield
Gibraltar Town

Fly Fishing in Spain: All You Need to Know


The Spanish Pyrenees are the largest mountain range in southern Europe. Its rivers, streams and alpine lakes are home to excellent populations of wild zebra trout.

It is a sparsely populated territory, with no fishing pressure and extraordinary beauty. A true paradise!

Spain is a unique fly fishing destination. Reasons:

· Fishing in rivers loaded of history: Ernest Hemingway in his novel The Sun Also Rises talks about his journey fishing in Pyrenees.

· Variety and quantity of rivers very close one to each other.

· 365 days / year of dry fly fishing: Spain is the country of sun and good weather. The abundance of insects along the river allows us to fish using dry flies all year round.

· Zebra Trout: the most ancestral wild trout of the European continent lives in our rivers. A variety of brown trout unique in the world.

· Fishing and much more: excellent gastronomy, wines, beautiful cities, castles, monasteries, cathedrals, National Parks… In addition, it is necessary to remark that we are a very safe country with excellent travel connections (international airports and high speed trains).


Freshwater fly fishing in Spain offers multiple options:

· Zebra Trout: fishermen from all over the world come to Spain to fish for the «zebra» trout of the Mediterranean. A unique fish in the world.

· Brown trout: on the rivers from the plains, Pre-Pyrenees, it is possible to catch incredible trophy trout. There are few destinations in the world where it is possible to catch trout as big as those.

· Barbel: known as the freshwater bonefish. Site fishing on crystalline water is spectacular. A very funny fishing day using a beetle dry fly. You’ll be surprised!

· Brook trout: this endemic fish from the United States was introduced into some streams and lakes in northern Spain. 100% dry fly fishing in small alpine streams is a lot of fun.

· Rainbow trout: species in regression found in some rivers of the Pre-Pyrenean plains. In past
decades it was introduced by the administration for sport fishing.



What are the best months of the year for fly fishing in Spain?

In Spain we can offer fly fishing 365 days a year. This is possible thanks to friendly climate.

In the medium and high mountain rivers you can fish from March 1st to October 31st.

· March: is the month before the snowmelt of the mountains. The flows are optimal and the trout are active during the central hours of the day.

· April and first half of May: spring begins and the fish are more active. The mountain rivers run cold from the thaw. It is an excellent time to fish the flat rivers and small tributary streams.

· From mid-May to the end of October: this is the time of year when you can fish the high mountain rivers. These places offer excellent conditions for fishing and beautiful alpine rivers.

· November and December: there are few places where you can fish in November and December, only in the so-called «intensive fishing grounds». It’s the month before the trout breed. This is an extraordinary time for fishing as the trout are very active (they need food to start breeding) and to fish for that perfect trophy trout.

· December to February: these are months of little activity but it is possible to fish in the intensive sections. Can you imagine fishing for dry flies in January? In Spain it is possible.


Where are the best rivers for fly fishing in Spain?

The best rivers for fly fishing are in the north of Spain, in the Pyrenees.

There is a great variety of environments, some of the most famous are: Gállego river, Ara river, Esera river, Noguera Ribagorzana river, Aragon river, Veral river, Arga river…

All of them have a north to south route and are very close to each other.

The main fishing companies and lodges in Spain work around these rivers in the Pyrenees.



Where to fish for trophy trout in Spain?

As a general rule Spain is not a destination for trophy trout, but there are surprising exceptions, we have unique places where incredible populations of giant trout are concentrated.

As we indicated, the rivers of northern Spain are define by the possibility of catching a large number of trouts, mainly dry flies, but the sizes are medium to small size trouts.

The exception is in the Aragón Pre-Pyrenees. In this place there are a few rivers that give the trouts slow water and a lot of food. The trout develops in an extraordinary way, reaching sizes close to 90 cm long and 10 pounds weight.

Although these fishes are abundant and can be observed in hunting action, they are difficult to catch.


License and fishing permits for fishing in Spain:

Spain is a country with 17 autonomies and 17 different ways to obtain a fishing license.

In addition to the fishing licence for the region concerned, a daily fishing permit is required. The daily permits allow the fisherman the possibility of fishing in the best waters: fishing reserves.

The daily fishing permits are obtained at the corresponding regional administration on morning schedule from Monday to Friday.

Unfortunately, all these bureaucratic obstacles make it difficult for the foreign fisherman to organise a fishing trip on his own.

Perhaps these administrative difficulties have helped to keep the destination away from mass tourism and the fishing resource in a magnificent state of conservation.

Legal fishing guide companies have tourist passes that allow us to offer our clients access to the best fishing areas in the country.



Inter-Autonomous Fishing License

The inter-autonomous fishing licence has recently come into force. With this document the fisherman can enjoy fishing in the free waters (not reserves) of the communities of Aragon, Astrurias, Castilla y Leon, Valencia, Extremadura, Galicia, Madrid and Murcia.

The price of this document is 25€. To process it you can do it in the following link (Click here).


The best flies for fishing in Spain

As in other destinations, the flies used by the angler vary depending on the season.

Generally European patterns are used although some Americans work very well.

Some of our favourite flies are the following:



Are the waters for fishing in Spain public or private?

Rivers in Spain are public. The fisherman needs two documents:

  • The fishing licence for the Autonomous Community concerned.
  • The daily fishing permit that allows to fish.


Transit on the rivers is public but certain plots that give access to the river are private and prior authorisation from the owner is required for access.

It should also be noted that in order to reach the upper parts of many rivers, it is necessary to travel along forest tracks with restricted access. To be able to transit through these places it is necessary to hire a
company with the corresponding authorisations.

FFS has authorisations to drive on most of the restricted access tracks in Aragon and Catalonia and has agreements with owners for access on private plots.


Is it possible to fish in Spain's National Parks?

The Spanish National Parks law does not allow fishing inside the parks. It is only allowed and very exceptionally for the control of invasive species and with prior authorisation.

The regulations of the National Parks of Spain are very restrictive with activities such as fishing and hunting.

Fishing is usually allowed in the Pre-Park areas or also called Peripheral Protection Zones.


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